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Lucky me! Got a WWDC ticket after all.

WWDC tickets went incredibly fast this year, selling out in under 2 minutes! I had slept through last years announcement, so I had set up scripts to monitor Apple's WWDC site to let me know when tickets went on sale. At 5:30 in the morning my script's alarm went off, but instead of tickets, Apple just had an announcement that tickets would go on sale the following day at 10am.

So, I along with thousands of other developers dutifully reloaded the WWDC site at the appointed time, and I was able to grab a ticket in my online cart, but before I could complete my purchase it disappeared with an error. Needless to say, I was bummed. But later that day WWDC support contacted me and said they had seen I had been trying to buy a ticket and they wanted to give me a chance to complete my purchase. Today they sent me the activation code and I am now confirmed. Wahoo!

This was one crazy process, but in the end I am very pleased and am looking forward to going.

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